Weslee Lauder shares his experience shooting the Chicken Licken Commercial in Nepal:

“It was the first time I would be traveling abroad and to the most unexpected but coolest country ever, NEPAL. The exciting part was that I got to travel while doing what I love: performing. AND to be shooting a Chicken Licken commercial. It was safe to say that I was very excited. This calls for hot wings *smacks lips.

Nepal went by so fast that I didn’t process the experience much until coming back home, to South Africa. But each location within Nepal and her people were very polite, hospitable, interesting and curious, all of which were attributes that I found extremely endearing.

The South African and Nepalese production crews were phenomenal and SO fabulous to work with. A fun fact is that WE ALL were going through every experience TOGETHER. Experiencing it for the first time together which made the journey so shared but also personal, so beautiful that when we eventually think back, the memories give THAT sense of nostalgia we all enjoy from time to time, so much that you smile for many a while.

I learned a helluva lot from being part of this journey and it has contributed positively to my career. Interesting intricate details about acting and it’s technique that no amount of theoretical training could suffice. I learned about the importance of cultural identity, about the industry of advertising and film making that has watered the respect I have for them, even more than before. More importantly I learned so much myself.

Shooting Chicken Licken in Nepal was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life and career thus far and one I will not soon forget.”

Here are some behind the scenes pics and the commercial: