About Viclectic Artists Management

Viclectic – meaning vivaciously eclectic is a combination of Company Director Althea Greenland who’s vivacious in everything she does, and eclectic (the combination of various ideas, methods and formula’s and making it your own), this being so relative to an industry that’s constantly changing, ‘updating’ and developing. Viclectic Artists Management is a fresh, young and dynamic company providing essential career development services to performing artists. Built on the fundamentals of progressive, honest and sincere relationships with both industry clients and artists.
Born and raised in Cape Town, Althea studied Acting for Film and Television at the City Varsity Film School in Cape Town. This is where she was given the platform and space to hone her on camera skills and partake in various short films and productions. She did radio jingles for Radio Helderberg and starred in the acclaimed short film, Sunrise Circle, directed by Steven Smith opposite Samantha Gray. She also worked as Production Manager for the critically acclaimed “A WOMANS BUM IS LIKE THE MOON” written and performed by Samantha Gray (Nominated for the FLEUR DE CAP Award). Althea then moved over to work for Boss Management Cape Town in 2005 were she first discovered her talent and passion for booking artists. Althea was appointed to start up the Johannesburg branch of Boss Management after which she went on to work for Creativentertainment (which later changed to Talent Etc.) before deciding to start her own dynamic artists’ agency: VICLECTIC Artists Management. Althea has represented a number of well known South African artists such as Gugu Zuma (Isidingo), Je-ani Swiegelaar (Binnelanders), Chris Beasley (Isidingo), Tanya Van Graan (Model & actress), Marlon Roelfze,(Getroud met Rugby), Kim Engelbrecht (Isidingo), Christo Davids (7de Laan) and many more well known public figures.
#Viclectican: A vivaciously eclectic performer. Our artists are all trained professionals in their various crafts. As development of talent is a key fundamental of the agency, our artists are constantly updating their performance skills in a consistently changing industry.

We are proud members of The Personal Managers Association (the PMA). We also working closely with South African Guild of Actors (SAGA):

The Personal Managers Association (The PMA)
South African Guild of Actors (SAGA)